VIDEO: NJ Cop Rescues Man from Oncoming Train

VIDEO: NJ Cop Rescues Man from Oncoming Train

A quick-thinking New Jersey police officer in his seventh month on the job rescued a man who was nearly struck by a commuter train, according to a dramatic video of the incident.

Contact number for Houstonians in need of Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue

Houston Rescuers Inundated — More Boats Needed

Search and rescue teams and the 911 system has been inundated with people needing to be rescued in Houston. Now the Harris County judge is reported to say that boats and high-water vehicles are desperately needed and that additional rescue assets cannot get into Houston.

Rick Biddle (GoFundMe)

Homeless Hero and Officer Rescue Drowning Family

Rushing culvert waters swept a mom and her eight-year-old son through pipes before a homeless man and a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer plucked the two from danger.

CHP Pig (Facebook)

CHP Rescues Giant Sleeping Pig Using Social Media

A (not so) little piggy named June was rescued from the roadside when a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer responded to a citizen’s call in Santa Rosa the morning after Thanksgiving and guided the sleeping giant out of danger.