Republicans Need To Break Up The Chicago Machine

On this week's Did She Say That, Sonnie breaks down why Chicago is experiencing its current problems.

Two Americas - Resistance versus Growth

With the economy humming along at 4.1 percent GDP some people are still yelling about resistance. On this week's Did She Say That, Sonnie Johnson breaks down the divide in the country.

America Wants Incivility

This week on Did She Say That, Sonnie Johnson discusses the growing incivility in American discourse. You've seen the arguments, the screaming, the yelling. Left versus Right, Liberal against Conservative - and it's what you want. It's what we all want according to Sonnie.

Cheers! Britain's Most Successful Pub Owner Gives His Recipe for A Full English Brexit

Pub owner Tim Martin, Britain's leading pro-Brexit entrepreneur tells James the story of how he got to be worth $400 million, why he voted Leave and who he blames for the Government's failure to deliver it.

Behind The Lines - Being Pro Trump In Berkeley

On this week's episode of Delingpole, James suffers the ordeal of spending an hour chatting with an attractive, blonde California girl as she describes her experiences being just about the only Trump fan at Berkeley. Worse, she’s a Christian.

Deep State and Masters of the Universe Partner To Take Away Your Rights

What happens when the largest social media platforms collude with various global governments? Your rights die. On this week's episode of Delingpole, James Delingpole talks with Ezra Levant, broadcaster, lawyer and founder of Canada's Rebel Media about the difficulties of running a conservative media organization in a world where from Facebook to YouTube to Patreon conservatives are being deliberately demonetized by liberal-dominated tech firms which do not want conservative voices to be heard.

Stoneman Douglas Hires 15 Guards Without Guns

School safety proponent Hunter Pollack, who lost his sister in the attack, observes that the school is on no better footing to thwart an attack today than it was on February 13, 2018.

Gun Control is Inhumane, Chicago is Proof

Chicago has long been a gun control experiment gone wrong, and the cost has not only been in money wasted and resources mismanaged but in lives lost. In fact, the loss of life in Chicago is so frequent that it is treated as routine. On this week's episode of Bullets, listen as AWR describes how the Chicago example highlights the inhumanity of gun control.

NRATV's Cam Edwards: Gun Control Groups See Kavanaugh Confirmation As Doomsday

On this week's episode of Bullets, AWR Hawkins talks with NRATV’s Cam Edwards about the gun grabbing left's Doomsday scenario.

Episode #41 - Charlie Kirk

8.14.18 - Turning Point USA Founder & President Charlie Kirk joins the podcast today to discuss the growth in Socialism in this country, then we close out with the Tuesday Round Table with AWR Hawkins and Mark Walters.

Episode #40 - Antifa & China

8.13.18 - Breitbart's Ian Mason tells the story from the ground from yesterday Antifa protests, then Breitbart's John Hayward breaks down National Security dealing with China.

Episode #39 - An Examination of the Liberal Media

8.10.18 - Curt is joined by's Scott Whitlock and Breitbart's John Nolte as the podcast today is focused on the breakdown of the liberal media.