Sonnie's Unpopular Opinion

This week I offend EVERYONE with an invite to Mysonne, defense of Hillary, T.I., Elizabeth Warren, and whites calling police on blacks.

Mysonne: Patriarchy, Supremacy, Masculinity

This week we chat about Kavanaugh on Supreme Court, Mysonne becoming a SJW, and Kanye going to the White House.

Pro-Trump vs Trumpish

This week we chat about the difference between being pro-Trump and Trumpish, especially when it comes to Kavanaugh and Kanye.

Dr. Craig Wright

Dr. Craig Wright - Australian computer scientist, entrepreneur and billionaire.

Yaron Brook

Yaron Brook, chairman of the Ayn Rand Institute, has a remedy for all the big government initiatives and nanny state meddling which are stealing our freedoms and costing us our hard-earned cash: we need to stop thinking about other people and start thinking of ourselves.

Soutiam Goodarzi

Britain's Next Margaret Thatcher Is a 16-Year Old Iranian-Born Schoolgirl.

Midterm Elections Give Us a Chance to Safeguard the Second Amendment

This week AWR discusses red state Democrats who support more gun control, but can be defeated and sent home in the upcoming midterm elections. He also talks about recent Gallup polls that show support for gun control slipping and reveal that the majority of Americans oppose a ban on commonly owned semiautomatic rifles. Listen now as he talks about the importance of the Congressional elections and recounts self-defense stories from around the country, all brought to you by the Second Amendment.

We’re Endowed With Rights by Our Creator, Not Our Government

We have gun rights not gun privileges, and those rights--like all rights--are interwoven into our humanity by our Creator. Thomas Jefferson signaled this in the Declaration of Independence and his thought on these things was largely guided by William Blackstone. Listen now to hear AWR talk about the differences between rights and privileges and continue listening as describes the left's campaign to purposefully confuse the two. Also listen as AWR's wife, Heidi, talks about her love of shooting and hunting and gives examples of moments in which having a gun saved her life. Her stories, as well as other self-defense stories, are all brought to you by the Second Amendment.

Father of Parkland Shooting Victim Tells AWR Gun Control is Not the Answer

Gun control advocates see gun crime as an opportunity to advance their agenda, even in situations where a gun control failure allows the crime to occur. Their attempt to hijack the Parkland high school shooting for their own purposes is a perfect illustration of this. Listen now as Andrew Pollack, whose daughter was slain in the Parkland attack, talks about the "diversionary" gun control push and criticizes former Broward County Deputy Scot Peterson's inaction during the shooting. Continue listening to hear AWR discuss the dangerous gun control positions of red state Democrats and also hear him recount self-defense stories, which are brought to you by the Second Amendment.

Episode #87 - The Economy and a recap of the Texas Rally

10.23.18 - Stephen Moore, co-author of the upcoming book "Trumponomics: Inside the America First Plan to Revive Our Economy" discusses the current state of the economy, then Breitbart Texas' Bob Price with a recap of the Rally last night.

Episode #86 - The Border and the Midterms

10.22.18 - Breitbart's Brandon Darby has the latest from the border, then Breitbart's Matt Boyle breaks down the upcoming midterms.

Episode #85 - James O'Keefe

10.19.18 - Project Veritas' James O'Keefe has the latest on his investigation of Claire McCaskill, then Breitbart's John Nolte closes the week with a discussion about the liberal media.