Not For the Poor

This week we chat about the universal income, mourning a President, Kid Rock cursing, and Beyonce in South Africa.

Too Little Love Too Late

This week we chat about migrant caravan, the Mia Love concession, and Meek Mill on Criminal Justice Reform.

Happy Thanksgiving

This week we chat about Bernie blasting corporate welfare, Acosta and White House pettiness, and how going to the bathroom in New Orleans can send you to jail.

Part 1 of 2 - Dublin Festival of Politics

Journalist and author Ruth Dudley Edwards, journalist Ian O’Doherty and Irexit (that’s Irish exit from the EU) campaigner Hermann Kelly

Ben Spence

Journalist, millennial, creator of dank memes

Stephen Place

Ex copper with West Yorkshire Police, UKIP activist, on the crisis in British policing

House Democrats are Readying a War on the Second Amendment

On this week's podcast AWR describes the Democrats' plans to restrict the exercise of the Second Amendment once they take over the majority in the House. They will wage a relentless war, the likes of which we see now in California, New Jersey, and other states where the Democrats hold control. Continue listening to the podcast as AWR relays stories of self-defense gun uses, all brought to you by the Second Amendment.

State Level Gun Control on the Move

On this week’s podcast AWR discusses state level gun control. He also discusses Dick’s Sporting Goods’ slipping sales, which are the result of the chain’s corporate gun control policies. Continue listening and he concludes the podcast by relating numerous armed citizen stories from the past week, all of which are brought to you by the Second Amendment.

Why Are Teachers Denied Second Amendment Rights?

On this week’s podcast AWR describes a teachers union’s efforts to keep educators unarmed. He also discusses the inhumane scenarios faced by unarmed teachers in Sandy Hook and Parkland. Continue listening as AWR describes the actions an armed husband took to protect his wife, and those actions are brought to you by the Second Amendment.

Episode 113 - Rep. Jim Jordan

12.10.18 - Congressman Jim Jordan discusses the border wall and James Comey, then it's Breitbart's Frances Martel with the latest National Security news.

Episode 112 - Lt. Col. Allen West and Patrick K. O'Donnell

12.7.18 - Lt. Col. Allen West and Patrick K. O'Donnell discuss the significance of the Pearl Harbor attack on this day of remembrance.

Episode 111 - James Delingpole and Sheriff David Clarke

12.6.18 - Breitbart's James Delingpole on European current events, then Sheriff David Clarke discusses the Mueller investigation.